These are wondrously interesting times we find ourselves in. With the advent of crowd-sourcing, the hard economic realities of self-publishing and indie press endeavors have been rendered into a new perspective, one that might well allow anyone with the initiative to see their dreams through to at last have the means to make fantasy a feasible reality. Regardless of cultural or political divides, the marvels of technology have allowed for the potential of our passions to truly unite even the strangest of strangers. Everyone has a story, WE LOVE COMICS believes in that. And every story can matter to the right listeners.

While the business of comic books has survived more turns and twists than the most adventurous of four color funny book tales, both fans and creators alike can feel daunted by the effects illicited from the curious duality inherent within such creative industry, which in turn is grown from the effects of the dramatic changes the world is knowing today. Nature has its way of balancing scales though, so that now creative persons and their enthusiasts can find themselves in roles more humane than those of mere producer or consumer. Everything begins with imagination, and imaginations beckon. Instead of being faces in a crowd, now creative minds and discerning readers can one and all have their voices heard, can have their voices matter. From writers and artists fulfilling their personal visions to ready audiences having say over where exactly their hard to come by monies go. Now all parties decide these actions for themselves, if they will it.

Comic books, the ninth art, the bastard stepchild of the proper arts, are a special thing. Pending the skill and talent of their artisans anything can happen in a comic book. Don’t you just love that infectious sense of possibility? We do.

The team:

Adam PostAdam Post
Founder and Editor in Chief

President of ADAM POST Media Group, Adam has published; marketed and developed characters and storylines for science fiction, super-hero, and horror themed comic books, many of which have gone on to be optioned or acquired for film and television development. He has also worked with key toy and comic book executives to develop new intellectual properties for APMG to exploit with its partners and has served as a special consultant and non-executive board member for comics to film company, Platinum Studios, Inc.(OTCBB: PDOS).


Bob-headshotRobert J. Sodaro
Managing Editor

A prolific and versatile writer and editor of books and comics, Robert is also a noted journalist, with a proud career spanning 30 years. His Is Nothing Sacred? blog is itself a cornucopia of cultural observations regarding the worlds of comics, film and television. He has worked for Fantagraphics, TwoMorrows Publishing, and Wizard Entertainment, as well as serving as press coordinator for the Comic Book Artist Guild. He is currently the Production Editor for Main Enterprises and the Deputy Registrar of Voters for the city of Norwalk, Connecticut.