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King Supreme: Carbon Copy The second King Supreme comic in the 4th Wall Universe is now prepping to be released and is looking for fan support via a Kickstarter. This is a universe that asks “What’s the difference between how people see you and how you see yourself?” The King has RETURNED Along with Aceblade, […]

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Boston Metaphysical Society – Chapter 6 Madeleine Holly-Rosing‘s exceptional steampunk comic, Boston Metaphysical Society, is the tale of an ex-Pinkerton detective named Samuel Hunter, his spirit photographer Caitlin O’Sullivan, and his partner, Granville Woods, Scientist Extraordinaire team up with four of the most brilliant minds of the era; Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, […]

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Comicbook People 2: Photographs from the 1990s Come and revisit the comicbook industry of the 1990s — the era of Vertigo, Image, Dark Horse, self-publishing, the flourishing direct market, and other seismic changes, and see it all through hundreds of candid photos of the people and events of that important decade. Comicbook People 2 which […]

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Boston Metaphysical Society – Steampunk Comic They say that when a comicbook Kickstarter, a legendary comicbook creator gets his back-pay royalty checks. No, no one really says that, but wouldn’t it be nice if it were true? Well, here is something that is true, when you run your Kickstarter right (great concept, savvy marketing, relentless […]

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Comic Book People: Photographs from the 1970s and 1980s If you are at all interested in, influenced, by, or moved by the comicbook culture that drives the enging that is Pop Culture, than you will be interested in supporting this very unique project. Comic Book People is a treasure trove of candid photos of artists, […]

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Welcome to the PAIN FULL NESS 1 graphic novel #Pain1Kick PAIN FULL NESS, is a graphic novel series by the artist Noah Xifr. The book is a psychological thriller that is designed to inspire you to free your VOICE. According to Noah Xifr, if you enjoy psychological thrillers and surreal art then PAIN FULL NESS […]

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Earth Alliance: A SCI-FI Comic Book Relaunch The year is 2190. The people of Earth live in a future in which humanity has achieved quite a number of incredible technological advancements — including the ability to travel through space — which is as common as current day air travel. On Earth all fossil fuels have […]

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The Monogamous Adventures of Edward and Pepper Issue #1 Jonathan Johnsick’s comic The misadventures of college couple Edward and Pepper follows this nearly ordinary couple as they do the mundane and the super heroic. The comic is intended to be an ongoing series, while this initial issue acting as a pilot episode, the story itself […]

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Shattered With Curve of Horn an Original Graphic Novel Shattered With Curve of Horn is a completed 160 page, full-color graphic novel that will be printing in the spring of 2014. According to creator Max Miller Dowdle the story begins on the eve of his major new exhibition of paintings. The very prosperous artist, Matthew […]