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The Hero Business “Season One” Graphic Novel The Hero Business graphic novel by Bill Walko is comicbook about an agency which caters exclusively to superheroes — because with great power comes great marketability! As your typical comicbook aficionado, Walko got to theorizing where a struggling student like Peter Parker managed to get his hands on […]

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Jack Katz – New Graphic Novel Jack Katz is creating a new magnum opus; graphic novel entitled Beyond the Beyond, which he is attempting to fund via an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. According to reports, this is a grassroots support endeavor that was initiated by a dedicated team of a dozen people, who are fans of […]

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Dan Brereton’s New Nocturnals Graphic Novel! Over two decades ago, five-time Eisner Award nominee, Dan Brereton brought us Nocturnals, a series of graphic novels and stories with a pulp-style blend of Crime, Gothic Horror, and adventure with just a twist of Halloween. The books followed the adventures of Evening and her father, Doc Horror. Evening […]

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The Dragon Steam Circus Bill Greenhead is a professional illustrator of 27 years standing who writes quite a bit his own material and recently had an idea of a teen fiction book based in a universe where Atlantis survived and the technology permeated throughout world society.  That prose novel The Dragon Steam Circus was published […]

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Welcome to the PAIN FULL NESS 1 graphic novel #Pain1Kick PAIN FULL NESS, is a graphic novel series by the artist Noah Xifr. The book is a psychological thriller that is designed to inspire you to free your VOICE. According to Noah Xifr, if you enjoy psychological thrillers and surreal art then PAIN FULL NESS […]

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Phileas Reid Knows We Are Not Alone Phileas Reid Knows We Are Not Alone is an all-ages graphic novel about an inadvertent alien invasion and the four people who know about it and will do whatever they can in order to save the world. Scott Fogg, the writer/creator of Phileas Reid, is looking to self-publish […]

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Shattered With Curve of Horn an Original Graphic Novel Shattered With Curve of Horn is a completed 160 page, full-color graphic novel that will be printing in the spring of 2014. According to creator Max Miller Dowdle the story begins on the eve of his major new exhibition of paintings. The very prosperous artist, Matthew […]

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Terminal Lance: The White Donkey (a graphic novel) With all of the comics that are out there about superheroes, aliens, and creatures from a mystical realm, this Kickstarter project is — without a doubt — something completely different. Terminal Lance: The White Donkey is not only a 150 page story about a U.S. Marine and […]

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Clan of the Vein is an action-packed graphic novel that is Die Hard with Vampires. The story follows Ian MacBane, who is history’s deadliest vampire turned vampire assassin. MacBane thinking that he had hunted them all to extinction, retired. Unfortunately he was dead wrong. Throughout the centuries, MacBane, fueled by his relentless determination, MacBane tirelessly […]