The Rest of Heaven was Blue

Written by Matthew Wilkins Fully illustrated by Emmanuel Xerx Javier Letters by Andy Manthei This mighty powerful and mighty original graphic novel shows a meditation on one soldier’s experiences in the Vietnam war, as the young man slowly and sadly goes insane. An introverted tale, the soldier sees more and more of the inhumanities found […]

Tart Vol. One: Adrift

Written by Kevin Joseph Just about everything else by Ludovic SalleRefreshing. This brand-spanking new trade collecting the first three issues of the Tart webcomic is refreshing. And with the recent crowd-funding campaign which proved a smashing success, these creators will have hard copies available at this year’s New York Comic Con, as well as by […]

Suicide 5

Written, lettered and coloured by Jason Pell Pencils and inks by Ryan Howe “Sometimes I think all it takes is a stray thought to end the world.” This insanely original graphic novel is not yet released but has an in-progress crowd-funding campaign on the Kickstarter platform. Creator Pell has put together a thoroughly modern horror […]

Closing Doors

Written and illustrated by Mark Rudolph This original graphic novel was actually micro-published awhile back, but the folks at Nix Comics have recently expressed great interest in returning it to print with an expanded run, as well as offering their resources to help distribute the book to a wider audience. So they have an in […]