Matthew Ritter on writing 8-bit comics

Matthew Ritter is the writer and (with artist Adam Elbahtimy) co-creator for Nova Phase, a new limited series halfway to completion, published by Slave Labor Graphics and available digitally via Comixology. Nova Phase is a sci-fi Western as rendered entirely in 8-bit pixel glory. Like old school video games. Only in funny book form. Matthew, […]

Interviews: Omar Morales

Omar Morales is a writer and editor whose long-awaited graphic novel, The CruZader: Agent of the Vatican, is in the middle of blowing Kickstarter to kingdom come. A particularly thoughtful and spirited creative thinker, Omar took time out from the campaign trail to chat it up with WeLoveComics about this and that and the other […]

Interviews: Salvador Briggman

Salvador Briggman is an active writer and marketing wiz, having co-founded the MusicMind and 2&2 Labs websites, as well as owning and operating CrowdCrux, a solid resource for uniting tools for crowd-funding campaigners the world over. Here he opens up about where he’s been, and where the world is going… Salvador, how important was popular […]

An Interview with Rachele Aragno: Creator of Owlgirls

OwlGirls by Rachele Aragno We Love Comics:       Rachele, Could you please tell us a little bit about your Owlgirls comic? Rachele Aragno:        The story is about three sisters who live in a typical three-story building in 1940s SoHo, and have heads of Owls and bodies of human women. They investigate murders and unsolved cases from […]

Interviews: Scott Marcano

Scott Marcano is a California-based author, film-maker, teacher, and graphic novelist. From directing Ted Raimi to writing for cartoonist Shannon Wheeler to producing his own video series for keeping old ghost stories alive and well, Marcano leads an interesting career powered by faith, intelligence, charisma, and hard work. Scott, do you remember the very first […]