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The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade: All Souls’ Day

Tired of zombies, but still love vampires? Well then, The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade: All Souls’ Day may very well be the comicbook for you. This Gothic adventure was inspired by the real-life Gorbals vampire incident. This is the story of a punk rock Buffy, that is set in Scotland. The Brigade’s final stand!

The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade is a series of graphic novels written by David Lucarelli and illustrated by artist Henry Ponciano. Each of the three volumes stands alone as a story, but also functions as part of a larger saga. (All three are available as part of this Kickstarter.) All Souls’ Day is the third and final graphic novel in the series. It’s 130 pages of spine-tingling, pulse-pounding, adventure and horror in shaded black and white art.

Here’s what some people have said about the Brigade:

“Scary can be fun. It can also be tragic, comic and even inspiring. The Brigade is all these things.” — Brian Holguin, Writer of Spawn, Kiss: Psycho Circus & Savior.

“A minus,” — Shawn Denny,

“Five stars,” — DriveThruComics

“Awesome” — Geek Girls Rule

“A delightful comic with great art and a story line I am dying to read more of. The characters are fun and there’s a true weirdness to the tale even if the vampires are fictional. The story is addictive.” — Tony Dismukes, Amazon reviewer

THE STORY: What is this Gorbals Vampire Incident?

In real life, in 1954, hundreds of school kids descended upon a cemetery in Scotland looking for a vampire. It was considered mass hysteria. In the Brigade series, some of those kids found that for which they what they were looking. A half century later Doug and Gavin are a couple of juvenile delinquents drinking in that cemetery on the that night the vampires come back, and they unwittingly end up becoming the newest members of the Brigade. In All Souls’ Day, the Brigade risks everything in a last desperate attempt to defeat the vampires before it’s too late.

If you want to start at the beginning of Volume #1, you can download PDFs of issues 1 & 2 here, or read a good chunk online here.

So, what makes All Souls’ Day so special to David, and makes him believe this is the best thing he and Henry have ever done? Two things:

  1. They’ve been working together for five years. In between Volume 2 and All Souls’ Day they also created a period crime drama called Tinseltown about one of the first female cops in Hollywood. It’s been called “Boardwalk Empire meets L.A. Confidential and issue #1 of the five-issue mini-series from Alterna Comics in comic shops and newstands worldwide on March 28th!
  2. After the release of Volume 2, David had the experience of a lifetime when he became a guest of the Glasgow Comic Con. It was his first sold out convention!

He even got to see an exhibit in a local gallery about the Necropolis that used art from their comic! He even received his own private tour of the Southern Necropolis where the Gorbals vampire incident that inspired the Brigade took place.

In fact, he traveled all around Scotland and saw firsthand many of the locations that he uses in All Souls’ Day. He saw the ruins, and graveyards and walked the underground tunnels himself. All the sights, smells and sounds of Scotland from Glasgow to Edinburgh made their mark. But most importantly, he met the wonderful people of Scotland. “I think more than ever I was able to capture with authenticity both the flavor of the locations and the spirit of some of Scotland’s citizens.: he stated.

So, they have 118 pages in the can and artist Henry Ponciano is working furiously on the last 12 as right now. They’re close, but not quite completely done with the final pages of art, but that’s why he hasn’t promised delivery of the book until August 2018. The money they raise will pay for their printing costs.

There are numerous rewards levels, which can be a bit confusing so let’s give a quick start guide to some of the key levels:

For those living in Canada or Europe that don’t want to pay all the extra postage, you might consider the All-Digital Option: PDFs of all three graphic novels in the series plus digital PDFs of the individually published issues as well!

If you want the complete signed trilogy, plus digital versions, the signed All Souls’ Day First Look Issue and a book mark, check out Reward Level 8:

If you want signed hard copies of the complete trilogy in a Kickstarter exclusive slipcase, check out Reward Level 10:

They’ve also got some really cool stuff for you at higher reward levels including a three-song EP featuring a new song by David’s band Dame Fortune about the Brigade, a monster comics anthology, a prose horror anthology, the Dame Fortune Box Set, a magazine that features his first ever published short story, a custom digital drawing by Brigade artist Henry Ponciano, a phone call from David, and some one-of-a-kind giant posters!

But first let’s meet some of the story’s main characters:

Doug is the heart and the soul of the Brigade, and more than anyone else the Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade is his story. Doug always wants to do the right thing, but he doesn’t always succeed. All Souls’ Day finds him coming into his own more than ever. Moreover, he’s obsessed with a certain female fellow Brigade member as only a 16-year-old boy can be.

And what’s not to like? At age 18, Lucy is as smart as she is beautiful, and being raised by her uncle Magnus, she knows the supernatural and vampires like the back of her hand. Unfortunately, she also has questionable taste in men.

Gavin was never one for the books, but he knows how to fight, and he knows how to party, and the women love his charming devil-may-care attitude. True, he spends all his money as soon as he earns it on peroxide for his hair, obscure punk and metal CDs, and beer, but he’s only 16. Much like Doug, Volume 3 finds him growing increasingly disenchanted with the old men of the Brigade, and angry about the lies they’ve been told.

Then there’s Amanda. The half-human, half-vampire girl who was never fully turned and fell into Gavin’s lap as his girlfriend. She’s doing her best to fight her base vampire instincts which are growing stronger every day. As she tries to help the Brigade stop the vampires and find a cure, she’ll be tested like no other.

Finally, here’s Skip Longfellow: a detective from Scotland Yard who’s caught wind of the Brigade’s activities and like a blood hound who has caught a whiff of the human scent, he’s not about to let go. In real life Skip was also a backer of the campaign for Volume 2, who chose to be a character in All Souls’ Day!

And of course, we can’t forget: the vampires themselves.

Needless to say, they don’t sparkle. And there’s plenty more where that came from!

Now let’s examine some of the perks at every reward level.

Volume 1: The Guardians of The Southern Necropolis, is 114 pages with an introduction by comic historian Stephen Banes who writes about how he may have cracked the mystery of what inspired the Gorbals vampire incident, that in turn, inspired these graphic novels.

Volume 2: Age of The Wicked. In these 102 pages, the Brigade come to America in search of a new recruit, unaware that the vampires are pulling their strings all the while. The introduction is by Brian Holguin, writer of Spawn, Savior, and KISS: Psycho Circus.

Monsters and Other Scary Shit. This is monster-sized comics anthology hardcover tribute to monsters published by Wannabe Press that features a story by David and Brigade artist Henry Ponciano, entitled The Legend of the White Lady. Eagle-eyed Brigade completists will spot a familiar face. Autographed by many of the creators. And the eyes on the cover glow in the dark! Yours at Reward levels 13-19!

Winter Horror Days is a prose horror anthology David edited, wrote the intro for, and has a story in along with horror heavyweights like David Gerrold (who wrote Star Trek The Trouble with Tribbles, and co-created Land of the Lost), Lisa Morton and Bob Cabeen. It features winter holiday themed horror stories and was actually the number one horror anthology on Amazon when it debuted from Omnium Gatherum a couple of years ago. Yours at reward levels 14-19!

Dreams of Decadence #12 is a magazine of vampire fiction and poetry that features David’s first ever published short story, What We Did to Lugosi, published 18 years ago! Yours at reward levels 15-19!

Dame Fortune is David’s hard rock alternative band. They sound like KISS, Motley Crue, and G’n’R with a modern edge. In the Box Set you get all three of their CDs plus digital downloads, as well as their DVD that features two live shows and a documentary on the making of their second album. Yours at reward levels 16-19!

Curious what Dame Fortune sounds like?: Go here to hear samples of all of our songs.

There are three one-of-a-kind posters that measure approximately 29.75″ by 79″ and are printed on waterproof vinyl. They’ve all previously been used as part of banner stands at various cons.

NOTE: The material in this graphic novel is PG-13 in nature and may be too intense for some younger readers. There is violence, mild swearing, and there are a couple of panels that imply sex between two consenting partners. You know your children. if they can handle The Walking Dead, they can more than handle this, but David doesn’t want anyone buying this book for their little one because it has the word “children” in the title and thinking it’ll make good bedtime reading for the toddler set!

In closing, Henry and David are both extremely proud of the All Souls’ Day graphic novel. They’ve lived with these characters for five years, and as sad as it is to say goodbye to them, David thinks they’ve done right by them by creating a story that fires on all cylinders, and beyond being successful as a horror story, and a coming of age adventure, perhaps also says a few things about the human condition, and what it’s like to grow up in the world today. Especially when that world is indifferent, or even hostile to your very existence. It’s then you have to make choices that under any circumstances might seem crazy. Whether it’s dropping out of school to tour with your punk rock band, running away to join the circus, or even joining a group of people who want to fight vampires, it is ultimately those daring choices that help us all create a world for ourselves where we belong.

As Gavin toasts in All Souls’ Day “May the best it’s ever been, be the worst it ever is.” They hope you’ll come along for the ride with them as the Brigade makes its final stand in the Southern Necropolis, on All Souls’ Day!

David tells us that he has successfully run and delivered on Kickstarter campaigns for both The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade: Guardians of the Southern Necropolis, and The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade: Age of the Wicked. His motto is: under-promise and over-deliver. That said, there are always unforeseen problems that can arise. A book that will be printed in China can get stuck at the docks because of a strike. In the event something like that comes to pass, he will keep all backers updated. That said, he feels confident that he can deliver everything promised in this campaign on time or early.

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Robert J. Sodaro is a noted comicbook historian and journalist. He began reading “Funnybooks” while sitting on the newsstand in his Uncle’s “Mom & Pop” grocery store, and has been writing about them for so long that he’s become his own grandfather (we don’t really know what that means, we just like saying it). These days, he is just as likely to be writing comics, as writing about them.

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