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Punk Taco an All-Ages Sci-Fi Children’s Book/Graphic Novel


PUNK TACO is an awesome, new children’s book for kids of all-ages who love fun, whimsical, wacky, comic book style space adventures!

Punk Taco is an all-ages fun, whimsical, story about a teenage space taco and his unusual band mates who rock out across the galaxy and go on all kinds of crazy adventures. Punk Taco is all about peace and love and spreading it across the galaxy. Along the way, he is met with obstacles he has to overcome but he embraces the challenge and a positive uplifting message is learned.

In this first chapter Punk Taco befriends a young refugee that has been separated from his family and escapes detention. The young alien is lost and starving and finds an unlikely friend in Punk Taco who vows to help reunite him with his family. From there, Punk Taco is kidnapped by another alien race that is desperate for his secret intergalactic-famous Nacho recipe to save them from an evil tyrant that is hell-bent on dominating the galaxy. Oh, did I mention that this is one wacky fun story?

The story is told in a sequential art format for those who love comic books but the product will be published as a hardcover children’s book to give it a solid durable feel that both kids and adults enjoy. This will also make it easier for libraries to order copies and get them into the hands of kids in schools across the country.

Punk Taco was created, written and designed by Adam Wallenta and his 5-year-old son. Wallenta Sr. is inking, coloring, lettering, and designing the book as well with pencil assists by the super talented Gabriel Mayorga.

He is currently in the process of inking and coloring the book and will be finished with the art in March.

Wallenta is looking to raise $4,000.00 to cover the cost of production (Inking, coloring, lettering, editing, and design) printing, and shipping. Any extra money will be put into adding more pages of story/art and making the book even more awesome.

He is not offering many rewards outside of autographed copies, sketches and original art because he wants to focus all his time on finishing the book.

As a homage to the King of Comics — Jack Kirby, and his famous Captain America cover where Cap is punching Hitler Wallenta presents the following image as part of the project; Punk Taco punching out Donald Trump as special bonus art! Punk Taco stands against bullies, racists, misogynists, demagogues, tyrants, censors, and hate in any shape or form.

This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thu, March 9, 2017 at 7:40 A.M. EST.

About the Author

Robert Sodaro

Robert J. Sodaro is a noted comicbook historian and journalist. He began reading “Funnybooks” while sitting on the newsstand in his Uncle’s “Mom & Pop” grocery store, and has been writing about them for so long that he’s become his own grandfather (we don’t really know what that means, we just like saying it). These days, he is just as likely to be writing comics, as writing about them.


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