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Illuminati Transport


The Fillbach Brothers are a pair of talented creators who have, over the course of numerous years produced quite a library of impressive work. Currently they are working for First Comics/Devil’s Due and — at the moment — they are attempting to crowd-source their new First title, Illuminati Transport, via Kickstarter. According to the cowboy brothers, Illuminati Transport has it all, including Templar Knights, psychopath genies, that wicked-hot babe in the magic tech lab you’re afraid to ask out, and way more! The book stars Jim who is a transporter of unearthly and unnatural things that he keeps contained in his truck. However, what happens when whatever it is escapes?!

In Illuminati Transport the reader gets to follow Jim Kowalski — a trucker who gets to transport a whole bunch of paranormal and unearthly things, people, and paraphernalia; or in other words, he’s a fancy-shmancy truck driver for the Illuminati Transport. He travels with his pooch Geech, and crystal skull of doom Rico as they travel around and pick up the remains of unwanted supernatural incidents across the good ol’ U.S. of A.! Their job seems pretty simple, pick up the captured unmentionable, and bring them back in a container to headquarters. Still, you just have to wonder what happens when whatever that is inside the container breaks out during pick up? Kowalski’s just a truck driver. What the hell could he possibly do? Well, if you fund this book, and it gets published, then we all get to find out, as the fate of the world is now in the hands of a truck driver! Que diablos!

Still all of this begs the question of just who are the Fillbach Brothers? Well, you may have heard of them from their long successful run on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series for Dark Horse. The writer/artist sibling duo have since then put out Cadaver Dogs of WinterCaptain Freebird: American Prayer (one of CraveOnline’s “20 Best Graphic Novels of the Year”), and Tales of the S.S. Junky Star. Oh, and we can’t forget the latest Fillbach title that’s now on Kickstarter the afore-mentioned Illuminati Transport.

ILLUMINATI TRANSPORT Exclusive Kickstarter Edition

Well, the book is actually completed, and the best part of the project is that all 128 pages are completely drawn, lettered, and all done by the Fillbach Brothers! But you may be asking, why Kickstarter? Well, there’s a perfectly good reason for that. Through Kickstarter, the FIllbach Brothers are hoping to grow their fanbase. Also, they want to give those Fillbach fans that have been there since the beginning an opportunity to get some wicked-cool Fillbach exclusives like:

  • the Kickstarter Edition of ILLUMINATI TRANSPORT signed by the Fillbach Brothers
  • custom commissions by the Fillbach Brothers
  • and more


  • Kickstarter Exclusive ILLUMINATI TRANSPORT trade paperback
  • Share ILLUMINATI TRANSPORT with your friends!
  • Fillbach Brothers for ALL AGES
  • Glow-In-The-Dark T-Shirt ILLUMINATI TRANSPORT t-shirts!
  • 11×17″ Fillbach art prints for your collection!
  • Awesome custom ink commissions by the Fillbach Brothers!
  • ALMOST every Fillbach Brothers book!
  • The ENTIRE Fillbach Brothers library…thus far!

When talking about Kickstater risks and challenges. Well there really are none, because, as mentioned above, Illuminati Transport is completely written and drawn. The Fillbach Brothers find it hard to see any obstacles delaying the production and distribution of Illuminati Transport.

However — print mistakes, items getting lost in the mail, human error, and so-called “acts of God” can, and sometimes happen. Still, if any of these instances were to happen, the Fillbach Brothers tell us that they will notify the affected backers and remedy the situation in the most efficient fashion. So don’t delay, get on board and support Illuminati Transport by the Fillbach Brothers today!

This project will only be funded if at least $3,500 is pledged by Mon, Jan 2 2017 11:00 PM EST.

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