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This book, Dauntless, is about an individual’s belief in the power of doing what is right and that he can make a difference. In the tradition of the best science fiction, the team building this story believes that a story can not only have action and wonderment but should, and that the story should still contain as much depth and character development as any other genre. We are also informed that commissions from some of the most notable artists in the field are possible as rewards with this IndyGoGo, as well as the possibility of being included in the book as a character.

Leading the creative team is Emilio Rodriguez who is the founder of Tres Calaveras Studios, a studio that is dedicated to creating worlds where people are going to want to be a part of and share with others. It is also the aim of the studio to introduce some much-needed diversity to comics and comic concepts. However, it is not enough to have characters or creators that are diverse — one must endeavor to produce quality material while promoting diversity. After all, diversity without quality is merely a book with a minority character.

Rodriguez tells us that he is not only an attorney but a college professor as well; one who has always possessed an ardent love for comics, and has read and written them since his earliest years. According to Rodriguez this campaign is important because he wishes to create a world that people are going to want to be a part of and share with others for years to come. It is also important to him to help demonstrate that the genre is capable of depth and character development which can stand against any other.

Rodriguez assures us that the risks are few because the book is already completed and is currently debuting at the NY Comic Con (October 6-10, 2016). Thus, those folk who pledge are not going to have to wait long for their rewards. Rodriguez’s studio has already published three issues of a series entitled Sara Rising, a sci-fi series, therefore, he knows what goes into completing a book and getting it out to the public.

The funding needed to float this project is $5,500. This money is going to the artistic/lettering team for finishing the book. Additional funds are earmarked for publishing costs, Indiegogo fees, and marketing costs.

There are some very cool perks that are being offered which include commissions of any character desired by the pledger (even characters not part of this campaign) by one of two of the most noted artists in the field: Mike Lilly (Nightwing, Black Terror, Madness of Wonderland) and Paris Cullins (Blue Beetle).

Even if you are not able to contribute, you can help out by spreading the word and making some raucous noise about the campaign itself. They can’t do this in a vacuum, they are doing it to bring joy, creativity, and a damn good story to the world.

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Robert J. Sodaro is a noted comicbook historian and journalist. He began reading “Funnybooks” while sitting on the newsstand in his Uncle’s “Mom & Pop” grocery store, and has been writing about them for so long that he’s become his own grandfather (we don’t really know what that means, we just like saying it). These days, he is just as likely to be writing comics, as writing about them.

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