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Shadowflame 20th Anniversary Ultimate Hardcover Collection


Come join us for the long-awaited 20th anniversary of Joe Martino’s superhero, Shadowflame. That’s right welcome to the hardcover edition for which you all have been waiting. Shadowflame’s 20th anniversary hardcover edition! This gorgeous hardcover collects all four issues of the original miniseries, the bombed one-shot edition, as well as a pile of obscure material, and it includes a fabulous wraparound cover by no less than John Byrne himself. How cool is this!

“So if you like Murder, Suicide, Genocide and Rebirth? Don’t we all? Check out Shadowflame!”

That was the first review of Shadowflame back in 1996 by Fan Magazine.

Has it really been all of 20 years since he first appeared on the scene?

Yes, Shadowflame #1 was initially published by Martino under his JGM Comics banner, and was in comic shops in January 1996! (Okay, okay, so it]s technically, been 21 years but, you know, who’s really counting, we mean, besides Joe, who always tends to run a day late and a dollar short J )

Anyways, Martino tells us that Shadowflame has always held a special place in his heart as he had originally created the character back when he was 14-years-old. According to Martino, when he created Shadowflame the character was more of a traditional hero with the Superman trunks and boots. When he eventually decided to produce the miniseries in the ‘90s he redesigned Shadowflame’s suit and attempted to make him a tad more unique in his look.

(He tells us that he recently unearthed an illustration of Shadowflame that he did in the mid-1980s, and is including it in the hardcover!)

“I’m not sure if I succeeded,” Martino said “but since then I put out a Black-and-White four-issue miniseries through my own imprint JGM Comics and CFD (Chanting Monks Productions, formerly Cry For Dawn) and then a relaunched miniseries in color that was published by Arcana Comics in 2007. In 2011 Arcana released a trade paperback and that is totally sold out.”

So, now the fun begins!

For those of you unfamiliar with Shadowflame (and shame on you) here is a brief Synopsis for the first issue:

When Officer Tom Wyatt’s wife, Janice, was murdered he attempted to end his own life. Instead he found himself transported to a ship orbiting the Earth. He could not kill himself for he was the last of a family line that possessed the perfect genetic Imprint to receive the ‘gift of power’ and become a third holy man of Isht (Shadow). In a painful ceremony, he was endowed with powers that transformed him into a superman. This gave him not only great powers, but a reason to live.

This new Hardcover includes all of those awesome Shadowflame stories and more!

Needless to say, Martino didn’t bring the series to life all on his own, he had a boat-load of extremely talented people along to help him. Those people included — from the 1996 comic until today: Peter Palmiotti, John Orlando, Naser Subashi, Dash Martin, Rick Buckler Jr, Rob X. Roman, Chris Malgrain, Jeff Austin, Ian Sokoliwski, Johnny Lowe, Adam Pruett, Roland Bird, Jeff Huet, Bryan Magnaye, as well as a slew of others that he probably missed.

He also had work done on the book by several industry legends that he admired including Bob Layton, Rudy Nebres, Fred Hembeck, Bob Hall, Mike Grell, Rich Buckler, Paul Ryan, Andie Tong, and of course John Byrne!

For this incarnation of the hero, there will be some new pages added. Some pages are being redrawn. Some are being reinked. Some are being edited and relettered. (Giving Martino the opportunity to play George Lucas one last time.)

There are some 18 new edits on issue #1 to show Tom letting himself go through the stages of grief and depression for a month after Janice died.

Also included with this Kickstarter is the Shadowflame/Wraith crossover that continues the Atomico subplot at the end of the second issue of Shadowflame.

So, we hope that you all join with us in revisiting this story that Martino hold so close to his heart. Some of the MANY additional rewards of this campaign include;

  • Shadowflame 18 by 24 wraparound poster recolored for this edition by Ross Hughes
  • Shadowflame t-shirt with art by John Byrne!
  • Maldestrak by Rick Buckler Jr and colored by Ian Sokoliwski

As far as risks and challenges go, Martino doesn’t anticipate any. Not only are most of the pages and work already completed, but he has already run several successful Kickstarter campaigns already. He just needs to assemble the book and print it! He will also be performing fulfillment through Amazon so there shouldn’t be any shipping delays!

This project will only be funded if at least $6,250 is pledged by Sun, Nov 20 2016 6:00 PM EDT.

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