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DeodatoThe book’s title says it all — The Cartoon Art of Mike Deodato, Jr. — and even better, it’s kid-friendly! A very special Kickstarter campaign is being launched by Marvel superstar artist Mike Deodato, Jr., the book is a very special limited edition hardcover collection of the fan favorite’s humorous personal cartoons! “My readers know me from my many years at Marvel, drawing super-heroes. Yet they may not know that I’m also a cartoonist. I’m creating a whole series of cartoons about my life, my work, and my family, and I want to share these with my fans in the form of a book that I publish myself.”

Several months back, First of all, Deodato launched his first-ever Kickstarter campaign for The Cartoon Art of Mike Deodato, Jr. which turned out rather well. After receiving numerous letters of support and encouragement, informing him how much they enjoyed it, Deodato decided to produce a limited edition hardcover version of the book. Needless to say, since this new book is the same size format as his other hardcover book, The Marvel Art of Mike Deodato, Jr., a copy of this new of his work edition would look amazing nice on your bookshelf as a companion edition.

We’ve been informed that with the files still at the printer for the trade, Deodato designed a dust jacket for the book, and is going to release a limited edition hardcover of The Cartoon Art of Mike Deodato, Jr. for his really rabid fans. The interiors are the same, but the hardcover book will have a red foil logo on the front, and a nice dust jacket cover to make it look especially good. He’s only going to print 500 of these hardcover editions some of which he’ll sign, and others he’ll release as a general edition.

As a very special treat for a fortunate few, he will even include a compact Portuguese language edition of the book that I released only in Brazil as a special bonus. Again to make things very easy, it’s already at the printer, and now all he needs is his fan’s Kickstarter support in order to pay for the printing. This done, he can receive and ship out the book right away. No delays, because he know that his fans want their books in their hands right away.

For those of you who might have been living in a cave or a spider-hole for the past couple of decades, Deodato is a Brazilian artist who got his start in the American comic-book industry in 1990. One of Deodato’s earliest works was a 1993 photo-realistic comicbook adaptation of the television series Beauty and the Beast published by Innovation Publishing.  For the past decade he has been a “go-to” Marvel artist, and fan favorite. Deodato has drawn nearly every Marvel character you can name, including: The Avengers, New Avengers, Dark Avengers, Secret Avengers (I sense a pattern there), X-Men, Wolverine, Thunderbolts, The Punisher, The Hulk, Spider-Man, Elektra, Witches, Thor, and many other Marvel titles. Before that, he worked on Wonder Woman, Batman, Lady Death, Glory, Star Wars, Lost in Space, Quantum Leap, Mac Bolan: The Executioner, Beauty and The Beast, and many others.

Needless to say, you probably already know his painted style, his Image-era super-hero style, his super-tight pencils style, his current ultra-realistic style, and so on. What you probably don’t know is that Deodato is also a cartoonist, and he loves doing cartoons in a style a little bit reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbes, but with his own flavor to it. These cartoons are all about his work, his wife, and his family. The Cartoon Art of Mike Deodato, Jr. — Volume 1 is the first of what Deodato hopes will be a series of books featuring his cartoon illustrations in different fun styles and on many different subjects. This oversized book is 10″ by 11½″, hardbound, foil stamped, dust jacket, line art interiors, and nice paper. (He even received special permission from Marvel to produce the book).

If his goal is reached, he’ll get the money two weeks after the campaign ends, and he promises to ship the books immediately since they’re being printed right now to save time. On the level of very cool swag, Deodato is offering some very cool stuff for his fans; including digital copies of the book, autographed editions, and more, including the pinnacle prize: an in-store or convention appearance by Deodato himself, where he will come to your event, draw and talk and hang out with you and the fans!

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Robert J. Sodaro is a noted comicbook historian and journalist. He began reading “Funnybooks” while sitting on the newsstand in his Uncle’s “Mom & Pop” grocery store, and has been writing about them for so long that he’s become his own grandfather (we don’t really know what that means, we just like saying it). These days, he is just as likely to be writing comics, as writing about them.

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