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Ava’s Demon

Ava’s Demon is an ongoing science fiction webcomic by Michelle Czajkowski about a young girl named Ava and the demon that is haunting her. Apparently the “demon” just might be the ghost of an alien queen named Wrathia who seeking revenge on the one that apparently destroyed her empire, That creature is a god-like being who is named Titan. The story follows Ava as she makes her way across the universe, teaming up with the demon who has been haunting her as they continue on their quest for revenge. Meanwhile Ave is fighting her own inner demons along the way. Czajkowski has been working on this story for quite some time, so — according to her — this book is really only the beginning, and she is very excited to be able to share it with this project with her fans.

The goal of her Kickstarter is to raise 12,000 in order to publish at least 2,000 copies of a 9″ x 9″ hardcover, first edition book with the first 500 panels of this story for all her fans. It will be approximately 150–200 pages; two panels per page, in full color, with broken down frames of all three chapter animations. If stretch goals are met, art and making of sections will be added to the back of the book.

She will also attempt to add an extra, Making Of art section at the end of the book, a solid amount of pages full of sketches, ideas, old and new artwork, potential character as well as environment designs, and scribblings. She will also permanently post a video tutorial of her process on her website so no one will ever have to ask her again how she paints. All of her backers who contribute $20.00 and up will receive a special antique finish pin, showing that they backed her very first Kickstarter!

Some of the goal markers include the following:

  • All tiers of $250 and above will have the back cover variant “Pact Maker” with an official seal proving their dedication to her comic and will only be printed for this Kickstarter.
  • Also available to certain tiers are to-scale replicas of Ava’s Heart Key: 3D printed in solid bronze-plated steel on a wearable leather necklace with a clasp.
  • Available to a lower tier is a plastic replica on the same type of necklace.
  • Nifty art rewards are being designed by Czajkowski and a few other official Ava’s Demon artists.
  • Available to higher tiers are sketches and portraits painted by Czajkowski.
  • And at the $5,000 dollar tier contributors will receive a statue of Ava, sculpted and 3D printed in gold-plated steel.

Czajkowski has promised to her fans that she will be dedicate all of my time to Ava’s Demon. And she will be able to update the webcomic twice a week beginning in January 2014 (on Mondays and Thursdays). Some future animations will be partially 3D animated by herself. she will also be able to work full time on bringing you guys art, contests, better merchandise, convention visits, basically all the things that aren’t possible for her currently. Czajkowski has estimated that her comic is about 7,000+ panels long, so she most definitely has her work cut out for her.

Czajkowski believes that her biggest challenge will be shipping out all the books to her fans, “It’s not a light book!” However, she feels that she has done her best to make it as special as possible and she want the presentation to be spectacular. “I will be working extra hard making sure these books are packaged and shipped to you as timely and as beautifully as possible,” she stated”

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Robert Sodaro

Robert J. Sodaro is a noted comicbook historian and journalist. He began reading “Funnybooks” while sitting on the newsstand in his Uncle’s “Mom & Pop” grocery store, and has been writing about them for so long that he’s become his own grandfather (we don’t really know what that means, we just like saying it). These days, he is just as likely to be writing comics, as writing about them.

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