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Judges #1 Judges is a supernatural adventure comic book written and created by Ben Miller, with art done by Marvel and DC artist Cory Hamscher. The story is about a group of exceptional individuals that come to discover that demons are real, and in many cases, the most evil people among us are actually demons […]

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Jack Katz – New Graphic Novel Jack Katz is creating a new magnum opus; graphic novel entitled Beyond the Beyond, which he is attempting to fund via an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. According to reports, this is a grassroots support endeavor that was initiated by a dedicated team of a dozen people, who are fans of […]

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Dan Brereton’s New Nocturnals Graphic Novel! Over two decades ago, five-time Eisner Award nominee, Dan Brereton brought us Nocturnals, a series of graphic novels and stories with a pulp-style blend of Crime, Gothic Horror, and adventure with just a twist of Halloween. The books followed the adventures of Evening and her father, Doc Horror. Evening […]

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A self-published graphic novel, ‘Exo’ A.J. Conway is a young Australian writer from Melbourne, and she is hoping to self-publish his very first graphic novel during the calendar year 2015. During his studies, she has managed to write and publish three novels, one of which was successfully so with Random House: My Nova (2012), The Treaty (2014), and Skyquakers (2014). […]

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Atomic Size Matters Are you ready to experience a doctoral thesis in theoretical solid state chemistry….in comic book form? Yep, you read that right, Veronica Berns promises us a good scientific story, with just a dash of humor thrown in for good measure. Berns wrote and illustrated this book as a version of her doctoral […]

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Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection We are told that this Kickstarter comicbook (Moonshot) is a 200-page collection of short stories from Indigenous creators across North America. It is produced by AH Comics Inc. (Titan: An Alternate History, Delta, Hobson’s Gate, Jewish Comix Anthology) and edited by Hope Nicholson (Brok Windsor, Lost Heroes, Nelvana of the […]

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Tamburlaine the Great, by Christopher Marlowe  “Is it not great to be a King?” In an ancient land where only might makes right, one man will rise to transcend fate and conquer all. Imagine…the classic beauty of Shakespeare’s works mixed with the grand scale and dramatic intrigue of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, and […]

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A Really Awesome Comic Book Critique As creators we sometimes work in a vacuum. We sit alone at our keyboard or art table and build new worlds — often out of whole cloth — and then explore them with characters that exist inside our heads until —Prometheus-like, we breathe life into them. Very often, what […]

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Terra Kaiju Terra Kaiju is a 25 page, saddle-stitched, landscape format, One-Shot comicbook inspired by Joe Badon‘s lifelong love for Godzilla movies. It’s also heavily inspired by films such as Tsu Hong Wu, GMK, and the 1966 film Daimajin, which is a Kaiju film set in feudal Japan. The comic is set in feudal Japan […]

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WART- A Cosmic Horror Comic WART is an original horror comic series starring Wart Bellamy, an unfortunate young fellow ripped from his reality and tossed into a mysterious, other-worldly “Asylum for the Belligerently Insane.” The books have monsters, cults, ghosts, rats, and a shady doctor in charge of the the place. Wart’s story takes him […]