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End of Days — Scorched Earth End of Days is intended to be a five-part comicbook series telling the story of one Colonel Alex Hadfield and his trusty Android assistant Rob. This Kickstarter project  from Atomic Ink Comix is for the first issue of the series. It is the Year 2025, and it all begins in […]

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Widow’s Web: A New Comic Book Series By Raven Gregory Raven Gregory the writer of The Gift, The Waking, Fly, Irresistible, The Theater, The Wonderland Trilogy, The Dream Eater Saga, The Secret Life Of Crows, and No Tomorrow spins a new terrifying series entitled Widow’s Web, where the “traditional” fairy tale story of boy meets […]

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Until We Sleep – Issue 1 The Demon Dyspair has attacked the Earth. Six trapped souls, are given a second chance at life in order to fight this evil, however they are “resurrected” not so much as themselves, but on chreatures that are based on the Universal Monsters. That is the core of the storyline […]

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Rescue IndieSpotlight action figure tooling &more Comic Book Heroes are looking for your help to assist in helping them rescue the Indie Spotlight action figure and shockini tooling from the old factory. Apparently after fronting money to have tools made for the creation of their line of action figures, it turns out that the manufacturer […]

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321: Fast Comics Vol. 1 Felipe Cagno is a 30 year old Brazilian filmmaker, writer, and publisher who — by his own admission — is totally in love with comic books. In addition to the film Bala Sem Nome (Bullet With No Name) he has also produced the comicbook The Lost Kids: Seeking Samarkand (available […]

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Help Rebuild Collectors Kingdom! For over 3 decades, Collectors Kingdom in Huntington Station on Long Island, NY was a haven for fanboys and fangirls of comics, collectibles, and related items. The store boasted miles of current and back issue comics, as well as tons of memorabilia, statues and toys. Collectors Kingdom was the premiere store […]

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Judges #1 Judges is a supernatural adventure comic book written and created by Ben Miller, with art done by Marvel and DC artist Cory Hamscher. The story is about a group of exceptional individuals that come to discover that demons are real, and in many cases, the most evil people among us are actually demons […]

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Jack Katz – New Graphic Novel Jack Katz is creating a new magnum opus; graphic novel entitled Beyond the Beyond, which he is attempting to fund via an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. According to reports, this is a grassroots support endeavor that was initiated by a dedicated team of a dozen people, who are fans of […]

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Dan Brereton’s New Nocturnals Graphic Novel! Over two decades ago, five-time Eisner Award nominee, Dan Brereton brought us Nocturnals, a series of graphic novels and stories with a pulp-style blend of Crime, Gothic Horror, and adventure with just a twist of Halloween. The books followed the adventures of Evening and her father, Doc Horror. Evening […]

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A self-published graphic novel, ‘Exo’ A.J. Conway is a young Australian writer from Melbourne, and she is hoping to self-publish his very first graphic novel during the calendar year 2015. During his studies, she has managed to write and publish three novels, one of which was successfully so with Random House: My Nova (2012), The Treaty (2014), and Skyquakers (2014). […]