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The Nain Rouge Graphic Novel Based on the first book in the Nain Rouge trilogy, this graphic novel brings the evil, 300 year-old harbinger of doom to life. According to the publishers, the Nain Rouge graphic novel is the first in a new genre of literature they’re calling Cryptofolk which they are designing to bring […]

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The Banshees are Back! Yes, The Banshees are Back, only but they’re dead, aren’t they? The Rock ‘n’ Roll grop known as The Banshees, who were notorious for their satanic lyrics, drunken excess and rumors of blood sacrifice, the Banshees shocked the world with their only album Beat the Manshees. Death stalked their concerts — […]

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Tortured Life-3

Neil James Gibson gives us a Tortured Life Richard can see how people will die. Distraught, he tries to stop the visions, but they won’t let him. Tortured Life is a new 132 page Original Graphic Novel from Neil James Gibson and TPub. According to Gibson, Tortured Life is an original graphic novel written by Gibson and Dan […]

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Hi-Fi Color for Comics

Hi-Fi Color for Comics If you are looking how to learn how to color comic books with step-by-step Photoshop tutorials from the pros who color comics for Marvel, DC, & Image, then you’ll want to check out this amazing Kickstarter from Hi-Fi colour design and Brian Miller. As an aspiring artist, you probably have your share […]

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number 9 Teen

#9 Teen by ROBIN SNYDER AND STEVE DITKO Steve Ditko along with his longtime editor and collaborator Robin Snyder are celebrating 26 years of publishing with the planned release of #9 Teen, a new comic from the legendary creator. They just need a little more help on Kickstarter. While details about the 32-page comic are sparse, Snyder reveals […]

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KILLER COLLECTION According to Kenny Keen, this is the kind of short story collection that horror fans crave…what they thirst for. This is the Killer Collection. Keen has compiled an awesome book of horror stories for the horror junkie that truly aims to please…and what better place to market them than Kickstarter, a place where […]

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Dirty Bones Imagine a tale that is something akin as a cross between Scarface meets Avatar with dogs and cats, but, you know, better. Yeah, that’s what we were told about Dirty Bones by “OMG” and Luke Whitehead (the creators). This is an epic tale of a mutt by the name of Rover, who lives […]

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David Desjardin’s latest crowd-funder is for the Munition Edition for his GIANT Heavy Weapon graphic novel. Which is a nice collection of the book with an absolutely crazy mix of bonuses including (but by no means limited to) dog-tags, a cloth map, book marks and prints. One thing that does bother me about this campaign […]

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Writer Ed Cidade has his first big crowdfunder running currently, and he’s using the Patreon website to make it happen. The goal is to raise funds for series two (beginning next year) of Bison Bay, the “booze, broads and bullets” webcomic he does with illustrator Thomas Barnett and story editor Michael Smilek. The story of […]