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Codename: Iron Cobra vs the PCP Army Issue #1 During the 1980s an ex-Delta Force operative battles a KGB-backed hoard of drug fiends hell-bent on destroying America. Iron Cobra is an ex-Special Forces operative who’s been given a license to kill and tasked to win the war on drugs. This Kickstarter campaign is for issue […]

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Cyberines #1  “It always starts with an Explosion!” — Cyberine. The Cyberines, or United States Cyberine Corps (USCC) made their first full appearance in Shadowflame #4 (1997/2007) where they helped Shadowflame fight and defeat Maldestrak (an extraterrestrial, malevolent being of god-like powers who was intent on destroying Earth). The story in Cyberines #1 follows a […]

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First World cover

The Fantasy epic, First World Continues Chris Campana’s Fantasy epic, First World! #3 takes his characters deeper into the battle against the dark force known as the Noctem. According to Campana, this comic is a sword and sorcery adventure unlike any you have ever seen. “It is Sword and Sorcery, fantasy, awesomeness in comic book […]

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The Dragon Steam Circus Bill Greenhead is a professional illustrator of 27 years standing who writes quite a bit his own material and recently had an idea of a teen fiction book based in a universe where Atlantis survived and the technology permeated throughout world society.  That prose novel The Dragon Steam Circus was published […]

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Amazing Heroes: Retro Style Super Hero Action Figures Fresh Monkey Fiction has recently announced Amazing Heroes, the company’s first series of 4.5″ retro-style super hero action figures. Just imagine you’re a kid in the 1980s, surrounded by action figures of every movie, TV, and comicbook character you can possibly imagine, all these characters brought to […]

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Death-Chain 2 Death-Chain is an epic fantasy adventure book series for young adults that offers a gay lead as its main character. In 2011 by Rhett Holt launched his first authored book under his own name. that book received a great uptake and since then it has been downloaded over 18,000 times. Unfortunately, the only […]