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The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade Teenage vampire hunters have come to America in the graphic novel, The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade in order to seek out a new recruit, unaware they are playing right into their enemy’s hands. Writer David Lucarelli and artist Henry Ponciano have been working together on CHVB for the past couple […]

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E.X.O. — The Legend of Wale Williams Part One E.X.O. – The Legend of Wale Williams is an epic superhero tale about redemption, which is set in a futuristic 2025 Africa. E.X.O. part one is a 130 page; full color graphic novel. Roye Okupe is the writer/creator of E.X.O.; he was born in Lagos, Nigeria, […]

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William Shatner Man O’ War Cinematic Graphic Novel LNL Partners is a new creative company that specializes in digital comicbooks and graphic novels. LNL’s team consists of Emmy Award-winning Disney and Marvel talent with expertise in animation, music, and audio, as well as world-renowned comicbook writing and art. It has offices in both Hollywood and […]

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Here comes Victoria Jr. Victoria Jr. is a collection of short stories about a bold young human girl who lives in a city of monsters and creatures. According to creator, Manny Trembley , The book is a collection of short stories about a bold, confident human girl that has been adopted in to a loving […]

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female statue

The Female Planar Statue If you are looking for an affordable, high quality 1:8 scale half planar / half realistic female figure then you have come to the right place. David Richardson is a freelance digital sculptor, and he has a very good addition to your anatomy collection. Last year, Richardson successfully launched a Male Planar […]

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  Lackluster World – Hardcover Graphic Novel Lackluster World is a 380 page, dark satire graphic novel that is now being collected for the first time in a “Director’s Cut” version of the original comicbook series. Fahrenheit Monahan is an albino man who is attempting to change his world through a combination of journalism and […]

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Yorktown: A Time to Heal — Film Transfer Yorktown: A Time to Heal is a Star Trek fan-film starring George Takei as Mr. Sulu. It is a non-profit fan film produced by Stan Woo. The film was directed by Ronald Lennstrom, and was shot between 1985 and 1987. It depicts events occurring between Star Trek: The […]

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Our War, the Truth Untold Following their misadventures across the Northeastern United States and Canada, this is a tale of desperation, disorder, and survival emerges. Our War, by Under Belly Comics, is a unique series about revolution and the consequences thereof. Set in a not-too-distant and all-too-possible future, where the 2008 global economic crisis was […]

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Outlaws of Earth Earth Outlaws A full-color, 24 page, on-going Sci-fi comic that is packed with Space marines, Pirates, and Galactic Bounty Hunters from end-to end. Molly Schofield and Louis Pryor have teamed up to create an epic space oper comicbook that pulls out all the stops to deliver an epic adventure for the reader. […]

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The Aggregate: A “Choose Y/O Adventure” graphic novel The Aggregate is a post-apocalyptic graphic novel with giant robots, organically-engineered terrorists, and spider-cats. Yes, Spider-Cats by Ben Bishop. According to what we’ve learned, Bishop is a comic creator from Maine. His first book, Nathan The Caveman, was a 300-page graphic novel that he self-published in 2008. […]