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The Dragon Steam Circus Bill Greenhead is a professional illustrator of 27 years standing who writes quite a bit his own material and recently had an idea of a teen fiction book based in a universe where Atlantis survived and the technology permeated throughout world society.  That prose novel The Dragon Steam Circus was published […]

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Amazing Heroes: Retro Style Super Hero Action Figures Fresh Monkey Fiction has recently announced Amazing Heroes, the company’s first series of 4.5″ retro-style super hero action figures. Just imagine you’re a kid in the 1980s, surrounded by action figures of every movie, TV, and comicbook character you can possibly imagine, all these characters brought to […]

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Death-Chain 2 Death-Chain is an epic fantasy adventure book series for young adults that offers a gay lead as its main character. In 2011 by Rhett Holt launched his first authored book under his own name. that book received a great uptake and since then it has been downloaded over 18,000 times. Unfortunately, the only […]

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Not So Super Comics Not So Super Comics is releasing three new first issue comics atNC Comic Conthis November, and the company is raising funds for printing costs here on Kickstarter, and is asking fans for help in making that happen. Jacques E Nyemb is all about creating great comics that everyone can enjoy. From […]

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Patriot-1: An action-packed original graphic novel Patriot-1 is a 176-page action-packed military and espionage thriller, set as a graphic novel with stunning artwork and an explosive story. This is the story of Staff Sergeant Ken Baker, a Delta Force operator who is the lone survivor of an attack in Afghanistan. Upon escaping captivity, he finds himself […]

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Liberty Island: Let Your Right Brain Run Free The mission of the Liberty Island Media Group is to locate the very best fiction written by conservative, libertarian, and contrarian authors, and then to  present it to a mass audience through an online magazine. Liberty Island is currently open for business, featuring dozens of fantastic short […]