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Welcome to the Old West town of Abbadon Abbadon is a graphic novel written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti with artwork by Fabrizio Fiorentino and Alessia Nocera that is about the wildest sin-filled town in the Old West. Unfortunately for the residents of this town, it is plagued by a series of brutal murders. […]

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Interceptor #1 Interceptor mixes Arthurian legends, with modern-day super heroics, in the expanding universe of Unstoppable Comics. The superhero known as Interceptor first appeared in Stormchasers #5, as part of a new group of heroes that was introduced in that issue. While his look had grabbed people’s interest, they immediately drew comparisons to another shield-slinging […]

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Headlocked: The Last Territory Vol. 2 Are you a fan of wrestling? Do you watch Wrestling on TV or go to live wrestling matches? If so, then this is the comicbook for you! Headlocked: The Last Territory  is a wrestling publication that features acclaimed wrestlers in comicbook format with drama, art, pinups, and backup stories […]

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Hobson’s Choice Issue One In this supernatural thriller, Jake Hobson seeks meaning behind a world that gives him free will with no real choices but destined path, according to creators Keith Smith and Mike Ellis, their protagonist, Jake Hobson was orphaned soon after birth and left at the gates of a church. At a very […]

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Codename: Iron Cobra vs the PCP Army Issue #1 During the 1980s an ex-Delta Force operative battles a KGB-backed hoard of drug fiends hell-bent on destroying America. Iron Cobra is an ex-Special Forces operative who’s been given a license to kill and tasked to win the war on drugs. This Kickstarter campaign is for issue […]

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Cyberines #1  “It always starts with an Explosion!” — Cyberine. The Cyberines, or United States Cyberine Corps (USCC) made their first full appearance in Shadowflame #4 (1997/2007) where they helped Shadowflame fight and defeat Maldestrak (an extraterrestrial, malevolent being of god-like powers who was intent on destroying Earth). The story in Cyberines #1 follows a […]

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The Fantasy epic, First World Continues Chris Campana’s Fantasy epic, First World! #3 takes his characters deeper into the battle against the dark force known as the Noctem. According to Campana, this comic is a sword and sorcery adventure unlike any you have ever seen. “It is Sword and Sorcery, fantasy, awesomeness in comic book […]