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“Don’t Cuddle the Krampus” Retro 80s Toy Line With the advent of the holiday season neigh upon us, and the hint of the anti-Christmas film Krampus in the air it is only right to talk about the first retro collectible toy line based on Krampus, Santa’s wicked counterpart, reimagined as an iconic monster toy of […]

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The Man with Ten Thousand Eyes Joe Badon‘s 32 page black, blue, and white, one-shot comic book The Man with Ten Thousand Eyes is a surrealist, Sci Fi, horror, drama with a touch of romantic comedy comicbook that is influenced by his love of weird movies. Badon is both the writer and artist for this […]

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Charlton Comics: The Movie Remember when Comics used to be “All in color for a dime”? Well, perhaps you are not quite that old, but those of us who were also remember a smallish comicbook company where the management was as cheap as the paper, however its impact on comicbook history remains pure gold. This […]

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F/W Chaos Volume 2: A bridge too far! A bridge too far is the second volume for F/W Chaos! Here, Misaki and Amaya return to investigate their friend’s murder, discovering only bedlam and disorder awaits as they search for their friends? According to creators Kyoko and Kitsune, their first volume was not only successfully funded […]

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Bettie Page: Lost and Found Finally in Bettie Page: Lost and Found the complete and untold story of Bettie Page; The Queen of Pin-ups is about to be told by Greg Theakston, creator of The Betty Pages. In 1987, Theakston began his search for the missing Pin-up Queen. For the next seven years he tracked […]

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Boston Metaphysical Society – Chapter 6 Madeleine Holly-Rosing‘s exceptional steampunk comic, Boston Metaphysical Society, is the tale of an ex-Pinkerton detective named Samuel Hunter, his spirit photographer Caitlin O’Sullivan, and his partner, Granville Woods, Scientist Extraordinaire team up with four of the most brilliant minds of the era; Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, […]

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Super! Volume Two: The Secret is Out! Super!, The #1 critically-rated superhero comic returns to Kickstarter in order to redefine crowdfunding as well as to fund its second volume! If you haven’t heard about it, one of the hottest superhero comics in the known multiverse is actually a product of Kickstarter! No, really, you can […]

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Year of the Goat Issue #2 Back in May of this year, we warned you all about the upcoming Goatpocalypse, well not only did it arrive but now it continues. That’s right kids, Tom Spellman’s comicbook The Year of the Goat made it all the way through the Kickstarter process and was successfully launched, now […]

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Light-Earth #0 No Gravity Studios is a comicbook publisher with a wide array of talent. Their titles range from murder/mystery superhero stories like Gallant to our successful Kickstarter title Vapor that explores the fears and challenges of living and surviving in space. Light-Earth #0 is a sci-fi/fantasy epic featuring an immensely powerful entity and his […]

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The Demo Version of High Five is Complete! If you have never had the delightfully melodic experience of listening to the mellifluous tunes of the hit fan band, High Adventure you totally have been missing. This up-beat, entertaining and talented band have been traveling around the northeast playing at various comic cons and local establishments […]