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SANE6: CATALYST   When a dozen criminal contractors stumble into the biggest job of their careers, they discover that there may be more to the client’s agenda than they initially thought. The plot starts off with a pair of career criminal contractors, thriving under the waning effectiveness of government leadership, accidently stumble into the highest […]

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HYPE by PALMIOTTI – GRAY- PINA- NOCERA   Welcome to Hype — a 52-page graphic novel written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray — the writers of Harley Quinn, Powergirl, and Jonah Hex. Hype is a 52-page, action-packed thriller, with heart that offers a twist on the traditional superhero genre. It is a graphic novel that features […]

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Alan Moore-1

Alan Moore’s Cinema Purgatorio   Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill invite you & some of the best creators in comics to join them in a different kind of dark entitled Cinema Purgatorio In a world of used ideas spun out into unending single-premise sagas and told in full cyber-enhanced Technicolor, unapologetically Avatar Press offer up […]

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Ultrakyle!   A 13-year-old boy finds what he believes is a pen but soon discovers it’s really an ancient alien artifact that is capable of destroying the universe. In this story, we learn that there were numerous artifacts that were used in the creation of the universe and everything in it. In the beginning, there […]

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The Specialists Omnibus, vol 1   In The Specialists Omnibus eight exceptional people must overcome their differences and learn how to work together in order to overcome the menace of the Nazi Übermenschen. Born of dark magic and eugenics, the Nazi Übermenschen have brought Europe to its knees. Only Allied super-science stands between the Third Reich and […]

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Salvagers #5: The Wreck Raiders   The beginning of Salvagers Volume Two (issue #5: The Wreck Raiders) takes off as the crew makes their way home…and Danger is approaching. In the wake of Salvagers Volume One, there comes a new threat. The Klandarian pirates are out for blood and justice, and they’ll stop at nothing to wreak havoc throughout […]

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Divas of the Dead: Rob Sacchetto’s Zombie Pinup Art Book! Divas of the Dead is a massive 200-page book of luscious living dead pin-up girls by zombie pin-up master, Rob Sacchetto, and it is an absolute must-have for every zombie fan. This exclusive art book is an exquisite collection of luscious living dead pin-up girls by Sacchetto. Every […]

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REAPER CORPS #0 It is 2308, and Earth is now a world where cyborgs pray to a robotic God. Clones fight for civil rights, and mankind itself is an endangered species. Don Walker is hoping to share with everyone his love of Sci-Fi, action/adventure comics and therefore is bringing this new one-shot comic to life. […]

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King Supreme: Carbon Copy The second King Supreme comic in the 4th Wall Universe is now prepping to be released and is looking for fan support via a Kickstarter. This is a universe that asks “What’s the difference between how people see you and how you see yourself?” The King has RETURNED Along with Aceblade, […]

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John Orlando

The John Orlando Collection is at Outpouring Comics If you are looking for John Orlando’s most-excellent comics, Cybergen, The Intruder, and Journey into Madness you have come to the right place as all three of these classic underground comics have come to Outpouring Comics! If you are unfamiliar with Orlando’s impressive resume, it stretches back […]